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Population 50 




The town of Riverside, Wyoming was first settled in 1902 by Johnson & Newton Doggett. It was formerly known as Swan and then Doggett, Wyoming. The Swan family, who were early ranchers in the area, originally settled the area. It was purchased by Newton Doggett for merely one dollar in 1900. As the fortunes in the area improved, so did the offerings in this place. Riverside has always used agriculture and logging as primary sources of income. The forty-room Riverside Hotel built here became one of the meeting places of the mining men flocking to the area. In 1902 the Taylor Publishing and Engraving Company began publishing the Riverside Record. The newspaper reported weekly and was only in existence until 1904. The small, quiet town is located on the junction of US 230 and WYO Hwy 70. Today, the population is around 60 people, and it is known for hunting, fishing and the outdoor activities. 

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